December 06, 2007

No Country for Old Men

There has been a lot written about this movie over the past few weeks and I don't feel the need to elaborate much. However, here are a few thoughts and the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

While not something I would recommend to my grandmother, I enjoyed the movie. Being from Texas, I have grown accustomed to seeing the state portrayed in greatly exaggerated forms. No Country for Old Men depicts west Texas and its people fairly accurately. The studied landscape and restrained characters were appreciated.

The movie has several themes, however most obvious to me was the dispiriting effect evil has on our lives. While it kills some and merely depresses others, it affects everyone. There is no fighting it and despite your efforts to defeat it, evil lives on.

Evil is personified in Anton, a hired killer who has no regard for pity or humanity. His job is clearly defined and his determination is limitless. The theme is consistent in his character, showing evil cares nothing for your ideals and has the ability to engulf and ultimately consume your life.

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