November 15, 2007

Where's the Style?

One of the most dissapointing things about living in Houston is the lack of style. This includes both men and women. In most cities, the streets are not full of dashing gentlemen and modern women. However, they exist and remind their peers that one's appearance can be drastically enhanced with proper clothing.

The most prevalent style in Houston reminds me of the no-face camera shots shown on the news when discussing obesity statistics. The few supposedly style concious count an Hermes tie or Gucci purse as the vanguard of cosmopolitanism. But, I digress...

Fortunately, I found The Sartorialist about a year ago and am able to follow trends and see examples of truly stylish men and women. A few of my favorites follow, but I would encourage anyone interested in fashion to check out one of the best blogs out there.

This gentleman was photographed in Milan. I am particularly impressed with the subtle details, yet relative simplicity of his clothing.

This gentleman was photographed in New York. Again, the details and accessories are what interest me the most. However, it never hurts to have a tailor as talented as his.

This gentleman was photographed in London. Simply classic.


New York


via The Sartorialist

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