January 08, 2008

Clintons and Values

If you had any doubt about what matters most in the Clinton household, look no further:

He [Bill Clinton] continued: "I actually tried to talk Hillary into leaving me when we were in law school, that's the God's truth. I told her, 'You have more talent for public service than anybody in my generation that I have met... I shouldn't stand in your way.' She looked at me and said, 'Oh, Bill, I'll never run for office.'"
--The Trail, January 7, 2008

Bill and Hillary have lived their entire lives in pursuit of power and influence. This blind ambition leads to policies and campaigns based on polls, a loss of values and purpose and ultimately a weak leader. As Hillary's campaign continues to unravel, realize the Clinton's willingness to elevate politics above marriage (and everything else) set her on this path long ago.

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the Lattins said...

Insightful. I like it. -A