December 12, 2007

Mayor Bloomberg and Education

Mayor Michael Bloomberg in today's Financial Times:

I have made public education reform a top priority in New York City and the progress we have begun making - substantial gains on math and English scores and graduation rates at 20-year highs - offers hope that by injecting acountability and standards into schools, we can aim for excellence, rather than settle for mediocrity.

This appears in an editorial by the Mayor discussing globalization and the threat of protectionism. Mayor Bloomberg recognizes the vital role of education in dealing with such issues. Instead of making threats against China for currency manipulation or lead paint on toys, the Mayor redirects our attention inward to a growing threat to American leadership. Further evidence of the Mayor's committment to education:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced yesterday that the city's Department of Education will require all schools to maintain arts programs, and that principals will be rated in annual reviews on how well they run those programs.
--New York Times, July 24, 2007

Presidential campaigns have not given enough time or energy to this country's education problem. My hope is that more candidates will address the issues therein and begin to offer solutions.

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the Lattins said...

Though I completely agree that there is an "education problem" in the States, I would propose that the beginning of transformation will begin in the home with parents/ families rather than with presidential candidates (albeit still an important issue for them too)...