November 07, 2007


This past weekend I saw Bella. Not wanting to spoil the movie for my legions of readers :), I'll share my thoughts without revealing too many details.

Bella was a refreshing movie experience in many respects. First, the story and the sequence in which it develops were enough to keep viewers engaged. Many movies I have seen recently rely on cinematography or force of personality to bring viewers in. Bella simply has a beautiful story and is revealed with perfect tempo (until the end that is). Second, the main character, Jose, is a sharp contrast from what society has come to expect of people like him. Once a rising professional soccer player, a tragic event alters everything about him. His sudden humility and good-heartedness transform his life and remind the viewer of a love for others rarely seen. Finally, I appreciated the subtlety throughout. The movie is never quite a love story and never quite an argument, no matter how natural the progression would be. Rather, the characters treat other with respect and understanding. The events taking place and emotions therein are heavy and raw, yet gently navigated. Bella leaves viewers reassured of a love that transcends personal gratification, a love simply of life.

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jason said...

I think I get to leave the first comments on your blog. :-) Looking forward to seeing this one. I've enjoyed reading about some of the things you're interested in. Come see us! Love-A